Wolf_and_rabbit video: mistress Brittany is sitting on her couch and explaining to you how things will go down when she decides to summon you into her lair. First, she will make you sit out in your hot vehicle for hours or days, all depending on her mood. Then, when you are hot and nasty sweaty, she will call for you.Once inside she is going to spray you down with ice water to make you smell a bit better. She then tells you that you will be there to serve her and part of that service includes service to her BBC cock, which she reveals when she stands up. The strap-on cock is huge and she makes no bones about it, she will ravage your asshole with it.She goes on to talk about all the ways she will fuck your loser ass with her BBC strap-on cock, showing you thrusts and all kinds of positions. She knows this will all turn you on so she will ice your tiny cock to make even smaller so she can lock it up in chastity. She will then get back to fucking your asshole with the strap-on and making your asshole gape open wide.She then goes on to tell you she will have other women over for the fun. They too will all be wearing strap-on cocks and you will service them all. The whole time she knows you will be squealing like the fat little pay-piggy you are and she knows you will obey. But, she will not let you cum. She wants you to be kept in chastity and even now tell you that you do not have her permission to cum.She finally tells you that you need to leave her site. She is sick of seeing you so she orders you back into your vehicle to wait on her some more. She ends with flipping you off with her middle finger. She hates you and reminds you that you are there simply to serve her.Included in this clip: POV Strap-On, Strap-On, Femdom, Mistress, PVC, Blonde Mistress, Blondes, Mistress Brittany

Real name: Wolf & Rabbit
Age: 24
Birth Date: April 16, 1993
From: Couple
Gender: couple

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