Stask169 record i think you know why I've called you into my office today. Your work as been sub par to say the least. We've decided to go in another direction and fill your position with someone new. Are those tears in your eyes? You see this is exactly why the company is letting you go. In this business you have to be tough to make it and you are weak. Stop begging, I know you have a family, a wife, kids but you just don't seem cut out for the position you're in. I might have another opening for you since you're so desperate. I don't know if you're desperate enough though to do all that the job requires. You are? You'll do anything to provide for your family? Get in the corner and kneel. Yes you heard me right. No questions or you'll be fired from this position before you even begin it. Kneel and stay right there. Don't move a muscle. I'll be right back. You will now be my office slave. You'll do what I say when I say. You will provide me with whatever I want whenever I want. Now pull your cock out so I can see what I'm dealing with. Pull it out right now! SMACK! Do you want another one of those? No? Then pull out your cock. No wonder you don't have the confidence to perform your job at a high level. You have the smallest dick I've ever seen. Well your job will never entail fucking me. I can tell you that right now. Awww...are you crying again? Has no one ever told you how pathetic your little dick is? I might, someday, maybe, let you lick my pussy. You probably are a failure at that too, just like everything in your life. For now though, you're just my pathetic whipping boy. A toy to use. Now pull on that sad, sorry excuse for a dick until I tell you to cum. Have you ever eaten your own cum before. No? Today is just a whole bunch of firsts for you isn't it

Real name: #couple #russiangirl
Age: 27
Birth Date: Sept. 5, 1989
From: Couple
Gender: male

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