Schmackman video: your secretary knocks on your door and enters your office. “Boss, you asked to see me?” You allow your secretary to sit and then you break the news that you’re going to have to let her go. “I understand Boss. But is there any way you could give me a second chance before you fire me?” You tell her that you can’t offer her another chance, and her demeanour changes instantly. “OK Boss. Well, I gave you a chance, but if you insist on firing me, I’m going to have to take matters into my own hands. You will not only allow me to keep my job, but also give me a raise, or I will ruin your life.”You almost laugh. What could this 20 year old secretary do to ruin your life? She pulls out a little clear bottle. “Well Boss, if you don’t fulfil my very reasonable requests, I will take a sample of your sperm in this bottle, impregnate myself with it and have your baby. Then I will have the baby DNA tested to prove it’s yours, and show the DNA certificate to your wife and the entire company, including the CEO. Do you think he could let you continue working here, knowing you’ve had inappropriate contact with your secretary? And your marriage would certainly be over.”You laugh once more. Although what your secretary is threatening is scary, it’s an empty threat, because she would never be able to get a sperm sample from you. “OK Boss, I tried to give you another chance, but I guess you’re just too stubborn.” She kneels in front of you and unzips your pants. You try to struggle, but you can’t. She laughs softly. “Do you feel that? You’re trying to struggle but you can’t move. You can’t talk. You can’t scream for help. I put a spell on you to hold you still, and now I’m going to steal your sperm and ruin your life.”She strokes your cock as you struggle. She tells you to be quiet and accept it. She tells you how many chances she gave you to avoid this fate. She continues until eventually, despite all your efforts to stop it, you cum into her little sample bottle. She smiles. “My magic spell will wear off in a few minutes, but by that time I’ll be gone and you won’t be able to catch up to me. Enjoy your last few months of freedom, because I will be back with our baby to ruin your life

Real name:
Age: 39
Birth Date: April 6, 1978
From: Couple
Gender: couple

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