Noemibcnz video: i am sure you've seen the words on your Twitter feed by have been weighed measured and found lacking in the Dick department. Welcome to the Tiny Dick Registry little one. PUSSYDENIED4LIFE. You wondered what it was, what it meant to be enlisted in My Tiny Dick Registry. Well little one, I'm glad you asked, I want you to look between your legs. That pathetoc little thing between your legs confirms that you are in the right place. Now that we have established that you are in fact a certified tiny dick loser, it's only fair that we publicly disclose your shortcomings to the rest of the world. I've made it so easy to get your teeny weeny enlisted. Just purchase this clip, and listen to your Size Queen Cuckoldress give you step by step instructions for registration, pay your itty, bitty enrollment fee and I will issue your online id and post it for the world to see DM on twitter or email me for details - [email protected] Tiny dick registry:

Real name: Dayhanna Love
Age: 22
Birth Date: June 30, 1995
From: Female
Gender: male

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