Nicennthick video: kristen used to always tell me that she would catch her husband watching me get dressed and undressed when I would come over to go out. She said it always made her mad at first, but then after she thought about it for awhile it kinda turned her on. She kept catching him looking but never really said anything to him . She could always see a huge buldge in his pants but they never talked about it, and nothing ever happened. One day she was talking about it again and I could tell she was turned on. I asked her why she never did anything about it and she said that was too weird ... and she didn't know how to bring it up. Well, I then I came into the picture. I told her to invite him over and we would BOTH surprise him with silky satin panties on and I would try to get him to open up a little and maybe I would even get him to show me his cock. Well, once things started to heat up they never stopped. And his cock was HUGE. He fucked our tight little pussies, and shot his load all over. I asked Kristen if she regretted it and she said HELL NO. Needless to say I didn't regret it either. ::BIG SMILE

Real name: Richard Thick
Age: 33
Birth Date: April 2, 1984
From: Male
Gender: couple

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