Lucasvsmarco i walk in wearing my sexy nurse outfit. Hello, I'm nurse Kaidence, and I'm going to be treating you. But, before we start the official treatment, I would like to test a new technique.” I pull out a small bottle and hand it to you. Try some of this. Don't be afraid. That's it, breathe it all in.” I keep encouraging you to breathe it in and feel it sinking into your body, running through your veins. I have a confession to make. I'm not here to help you. I like to destroy minds, and you're my next victim. But don't worry, it won't hurt. You won't even realise it's happening. I encourage you to relax. Just gaze deep into my captivating eyes. So deep. You're slipping away. Listen to my voice. It's almost hy. pn0 tic. Making you sink deeper and deeper.”Then it transitions into a dream-scene (with a dream-like visual effect) of me wearing sexy lingerie. My voice is still speaking into your ears (voiceover). It feels so good doesn't it? Wanking your cock over me.” I give you sensual JOI as you watch me tease you with my body.Then it transitions back to the original nurse scene. You're in too deep now. You are totally and utterly hooked. Just enjoy the ride. I'm going to use you up and turn that brain to nothing but mush. I give you the bottle again and tell you to inhale more for me. “Feel it trickling from the top of your head to the bottom of your toes. Completely consumed by me and my voice. I think you've gone too deep into the trance. You're dreaming.Transition to naked POV dildo blowjob dream-scene with effects and voiceover, talking about how I’m sucking your dick. Or am I? Are you still fucking your hand, or fucking my face? I’ve taken over your mind and you don’t know what’s real any more. But you taste so good.Transition back to original nurse scene. Wake up! Are you dreaming? You know what to do. Breathe. It. In. I make you inhale more and more until eventually you’re in your trance again. You must be dreaming again baby because we're fucking right now. Your hard thick dick inside my moist, wet, pussy.” I think you're dreaming, you need to wake up. Wake up and fuck me.Transition to naked dildo riding dream-scene with effects and voiceover, telling you to fuck me. Telling you that I own you now and you’re going to give me everything you have. You’re my mindless drone, and I’m blowing your mind apart.Transition to pussy close-up dream-scene with effects and voiceover telling you to inhale deeply. Breathe in my sweet pussy and feel it fill you up.Transition to naked masturbation dream-scene with effects and voiceover telling you that you’re my drooling, wanking addict now and you’ll do anything for me. I own you. I give you more JOI and breathing instructions while I talk about it. Eventually I order you to cum. “Lose control, lose your fucking mind and cum for me!”Transition back to original nurse scene. Are you awake or are you dreaming? Your world is nothing without me. Go to sl3ep or wake up, it doesn't really matter. You can't escape me. I'm the only thing left in that fucked up head of yours.

Real name:
Age: 29
Birth Date: Sept. 13, 1987
From: Male
Gender: male

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