Horny_guy4you today I decided to play with one of your weaknesses: your love for woman's legs. You are addicted to legs. You like the way they move, stretch, cross and uncross... Legs make you weak. I tell you to stoke your cock while I tease you with my legs, changing position many times and moving them. I tease you so much that you will have to beg me so I let you cum. I'm wearing jeggins (leggings with blue jeans print), white and dark grey striped shirt, high heel sandals and I have black curly hair. At 2/3 of the clip I'm adding another difficulty: I put my shirt up, revealing my tiny white sports bra. Are you gonna be able to follow my instructions and last until the end?

Real name: albert
Age: 19
Birth Date: Dec. 23, 1997
From: Male
Gender: male

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