Domc83 the sequel to Temptation....I've been living with my sister and her husband who I've had a major crush on since she met him.I finally got up the courage to tell my sister's husband that I liked him and really wanted to fuck him and of course it didn't take too much convincing! After we were done, I told him that now I get to fuck him whenever, where ever I want. I meant that....My sister normally picks me up from work but she got stuck working late so she sent her husband to pick me up. He's been popping boners around my sister and I ever since we fucked. If he wants risky, I'll give him risky. My sister calls to make sure her husband got me and I confirm everything's good. I start groping her husband and then take off my seatbelt to start giving him roadhead while still on the phone with her. He looks at me like I'm crazy but he's hard as a rock. I love it. We live in a small town and if anyone saw me giving him roadhead, he'd be done but he's too horny to care and I can tell he loves the thrill of it. As we pull up, I get off the phone with my sister and then tell him I'm going to fuck him when we get inside.I have him lay back on the bed and slowly get undressed and then start teasing his cock with my body. It's rock hard and throbbing and just begging to feel my pussy again. I grind on it and tease it a little bit more before sliding it into my wet pussy. Mmmm, feels so fucking good. I tell him I need him to fill me up, that I need his cum. He tells me that would be going too far and he just can't cum in his wife's sister's pussy. I smile at him and tell him I know he wants too and that he won't be able to resist. I ride him until he almost can't take it anymore and he tells me he's getting on top since he doesn't trust me to get off when he cums. Before switching positions, I tell him he's going to cum inside me either way. I need his cum. I want it so bad. I've always wanted everything my older sister had and what's better than having her husband's cum filling up my pussy??? I tell him to cum inside me when I know he's about to cum. He tells me know and I wrap my legs around him pulling him in close and making sure I get his cum. His cum feels so good shooting deep into my pussy. I give him a little kiss and then show him how good the cum looks dripping out of my pussy. Today was a good day....

Real name: Dom is back :)
Age: 19
Birth Date: Aug. 21, 1997
From: Male
Gender: girl

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