Beautyandbeast33 well well well, look who's a slut. You just can't keep your dick in your pants with all of these girls. I think that's naughty. You can't go out partying every single night and fuck 10 random girls now can you?? You need to learn a lesson big boy... And I have one for you. I have, well .. some sort of a contraption you could say. Something to keep you far away from those hotties. You can look but you can't touch will be the rule. I believe you'll follow this rule to. You see, I will be holding the key to your freedom. You will be locked up, for you have been such a bad boy. You will listen and follow my rules. Do you understand me? OK, let's get started... This may hurt a little bit.Chastity, Cock tease, Cock Cage, CBT

Real name: Josh
Age: 99
Birth Date: July 29, 1908
From: Male
Gender: girl

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