2h0tsister record check out the companion clips Little Man Butt Squish and Little Man Butt Squish 2. Feel free to contact me regarding purchasing a custom clip or cam show!How many of you little bug men are there!? Are you infesting every corner of my house? Yes you're kind of cute but I can't have you in my house scurrying around getting into who knows what. If the exterminator won't do his job than I guess I'll just have to step on you myself. That's to bad because I'm going to flatten you with my shoe until there's nothing left but a tiny spot on the floor. I'll listen closely and hear all your tiny bones crush and break one by one,crunch,crunch. See my shoe coming for you and say your prayers because this is the end!

Real name: Carmen
Age: 21
Birth Date: Sept. 10, 1995
From: Female
Gender: girl

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