25andfittt watch Nikko catch an intruder (Jake Evans) trying to break into her sorority to watch the girls shower. Instead of turning him into campus police, she decided to have some fun. So she ties him up to a chair and leaves him there awhile to think about his actions. Then when she comes back she takes away his pants, plays with his cock and grabs his balls. She even jacks him off a little, he is pretty cute...but she doesn't let him cum. Then Nikko gives Jake a little strip show, seductively removing her clothing, she even touches herself a bit, making him think he's going to get some of what he was looking for...but then she leaves him there! Isn't Nikko such a dirty, little tease?

Real name: Axel
Age: 27
Birth Date: April 4, 1990
From: Male
Gender: girl

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